Tips to answer phone call

Telephone Etiquette

1. When you call, identify yourself & give reason for call.

“Hello, I’m Linda from Uitm. I’m calling about the English course organized by UM. Can I speak to En. Azizan, please?.”

2. When you receive a call, identify yourself & your department.

“Mia, M & A Office. May I help you?.”

Quality Service

1. Friendly.

2. Voice Quality.

– Moderate voice volume.

– Clear.

3. Smile when you speak.

4. Be non-emotional.

5. Remember caller’s name.

6. Always apologize.

7. Always be ready to provide assistance.

8. Always be ready to take down messages.


1. Be ready with the Telephone Guide Book.

2. Phone numbers of regular people to call, Govt agencies, emergency numbers , etc.

3. Be ready with message notes.

Answering Calls

1. Answer call within 3 rings.

2. Answer with enthusiasm & warmth.

3. Always return call.

4. Don’t let the caller wait for no good reason.

5. Give correct information.

6. Take correct messages.

7. Connect calls correctly.


2 Responses to “Tips to answer phone call”

  1. January 30, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Ello..ello… anybody deyyy !!! ..
    ello amoi .. angkat laa tepon…..
    ello amoi chantik… gosok gigi blum..
    elloooooo … woitt !!! orng tepon nih ..angkat laa !!!!
    woit..woit… testing..testing..1,2.3.. 7..8 lagi 1,2..3..
    woit minachi .. apa bikin..
    kehkehkehleh.. ok tak ?…

  2. 2 Lilo
    January 31, 2008 at 9:54 am

    keh keh keh… ganaznye ko tepon cak.. seram aku nak menjawab… keh keh keh
    aiii cak.. kabare? mana pigi lama tarak nampak….
    wendu la lama x gado ngan ko…. keh keh keh

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