I luv u so much…

This is a story about one loving couple.. we can considered the boy as ‘B’ and the girl as ‘G’. there are lovely loving couple and live happy together.. they share their problems and opinion together.. and they meet together everyday and we can see the deepness of their love through their behaviour towards each others..

Everyday, when they meet.. and when it’s time to go home.. G always say ‘i love u’ before she goes.. and she never forgot to say those words every time they meet.. but, B has never say that to G.. it makes G wonder.. and she wonder whether B really loves her or not.. she is very worried about this matter.. she doesn’t want to claps hand by one hand only.. she never told to B about this because it is a matter of honour..
But, every day.. B will send a teddy bear to G, in average size.. everyday.. B never forget to give a teddy bear to G.. and G start to wonder.. what is this all about.. she really doesn’t understand..

On the 339 days of the couple have together.. G has 339 teddy bears with many design and colours.. but, G still wonder why his boyfriend never say ‘i love u’ to her, and just give a number of teddy bear to her.. she has a little angry but she cant show it because she really loves B.. on the 340 days.. B want to see G, and bring a extraordinary teddy bear.. means that it larger than the others.. unfortunately.. B was brought down by a car accident and died immediately on the spot.. G rush to B and hug B and his extraordinary teddy bear for the last time.. she was very sad about the accident.. suddenly.. she found a letter at the teddy bear’s tail.. B wrote the words ‘i love u so much’ at that paper.. G was crying badly.. the other words appears in that paper are ‘push the stomach of 339 bears that i gave to u’… so.. after that G run home and get all the bears and push the bears stomach.. ‘i love u’ that the sound of the bear when she push it.. 339 i love u words from lovely B”


1 Response to “I luv u so much…”

  1. May 18, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    ooo….dia lupa picit perut bear tu ker…

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